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Today In History 2015
The burrito scene from Battleship
As discussed in Half In the Bag #32

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MCU Phase 4 | Thor : Love and Thunder Goes Full SJW

Arts - Horror
nothing is funnier than threatened privilege

Dogs Charge Police Officer in Idaho

Pets & Animals - Crime
The officer put to the test what he learned in his department training session.

One and half hours of Bill Cosby's Picture Pages

I'm sure it's probably considered 'abandoned copyright'.

Mobile suit Gundam: The Origin [Operation British]

Cartoons & Animation - Classic TV Clips
Zeon were always the bad guys, even if the Federation has some assholes in charge

Star Trek: Picard trailer

Classic TV Clips - Trailers
blue vein steel

A tribute to John Kricfalusi and Robyn Byrd

Horror - Crime
Because, there's nothing more romantic than a egotistical animator and his jailbait 'protege'

Haram emoticons

Science & Technology - Religious
If anything I'm going to use these more..

New Music On 73Q
Web in Front
Intrigue in Tangiers
The Chameleons

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Come get your fucking cheesecake, Ginger

Short Films
What the fuck does that mean?

Throwflame - Introducing the TF-19 Flamethrower Drone

Horror - Military
When wasps & japanese beetles require a nuclear option...

CGR Showreel 1988

Classic TV Clips - Advertisements
Kool Kat asks 'What's the best way to keep your cool?'

Sex and violence

Science & Technology - Classic TV Clips
Jim Henson's adult themed Muppet show

Something interesting happens to this priest

Science & Technology - Religious
I'm not going to rob you of the surprise

Best of the Worst: Hawk Jones, Winterbeast, and ROAR

Educational - Arts
RLM has clearly been watching Monday Night Raw

Trump Exhibits His Lack of Ability to Care About Things That Are Not Himself

Horror - News & Politics
Binro the Heretic
This level of utter indifference to human suffering takes years of practice.

IMG 9091 MOV 2

Short Films

Parent To Child About Sex (1966)

Science & Technology - Humor
Vintage sex education film

Japanese diving competition

Science & Technology - Cartoons & Animation
In the spirit of long long man

Pink Floyd Dole Banana Commercial HD

Classic TV Clips - Advertisements
'Dole banana, if you feel it peel it'

Monday Night Raw - July 22, 2019

General Station - Military
Hugo Gorilla
Come on by next Monday. You waitin' for a hand written invitation or something, buddy?

The Perfect Ole Miss Game House

Chef Borque's place in Oxford, MS is available for rent.

Suspected arson attack at Japan animation studio KyoAni

Horror - Crime
About 30 believed dead

Screw you Barbara

Science & Technology - Classic TV Clips
Screw you

Headbangers Ball Uncensored (2003)

Classic TV Clips

Cats Trailer

Arts - Classic Movies
Prepare to go full WTF!

The tick learns about death

Classic TV Clips - Classic TV Clips

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