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Today In History 2016

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Loving Vincent - trailer

Cartoons & Animation - Arts
Marlon Brawndo
One of the most visually beautiful films I've ever seen.


Cartoons & Animation - Fashion
On a steel horse he rides

T-Rex Goes on American Ninja Warrior

Pets & Animals - Fashion
Marlon Brawndo
Extinction on this course is not an option!

The Dana Carvey Show - 'Technofuture'

Humor - Classic TV Clips
Oddly prescient!

Psychic Ninja Sword Dodging

Sports - Accidents & Explosions
Hugo Gorilla

America's Lowest Rated TV Station | Real People | George Schlatter

Classic TV Clips - Arts
Ella and David Rivenes run a 3-person television station in Miles City, Montana.

Old Lady and a Drunk Guy Debating

News & Politics
Hugo Gorilla
Well, not debating exactly.

New Music On 73Q
FM (Canada)
Elevator Pitch (lasséz-fairy forecast)
Bully Fae
Rick Astley + Foo Fighters - Never Gonna Give You Up

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How an American 'Ninja' Tricked Hollywood

Classic Movies - Sports
Hugo Gorilla
A brief video about Frank Dux, the movie Bloodsport, and Jean-Claude van Damme's nutpunching fetish.

Christopher Walken in “The Country Bears”

Classic Movies
This movie lost Disney $10 million.

Family Enforcer (1976, whole NSFW thing)

Classic Movies - Crime
aka 'The Death Collector'. Joe Pesci's film debut.

Real People-Goldie Glitters

Classic TV Clips - Stunts
Meet the Queen of Venice

You Ought to be in Pictures

Cartoons & Animation - Business
Hugo Gorilla
Porky decides to take a stab at feature length work, if only he could get out of his contract.

PRONTO CEREAL - rare Jay Ward storyboard pitch to Quaker 1969

Classic TV Clips - Advertisements
Apparently this concept cereal left a bad taste in Quaker's mouth, and it was dropped.

AUDIO track for the rare Jay Ward animated pilot: 'Hawkear'

Classic TV Clips - Cartoons & Animation

Quisp and Quake vs Simon LeGreedy - a cartoon commercial

Advertisements - Cartoons & Animation
Daws Butler as Quisp, Bill Conrad as Quake, and June Foray as the damsel in distress.


General Station
actress got shot

ValveMan: What is an actuator?

Educational - Science & Technology
there are an awful lot of ValveMan videos

WXGZ (first version) - blooper reel (1980s/early 90s)

Classic TV Clips
Seven Arts/H8 Red
Fox's Green Bay affiliate until WXGZ's owner went bankrupt & the channel went off-air for 2 years.

Yoga Moves with Alan Finger (complete)

Also dubbed in German

7 minutes of Dutch commercials from October 18, 1984

Classic TV Clips - Advertisements
Very serious ZX Spectrum ad at 2:20

Duo Penotti

Totally inoffensive Dutch commercial

The Man Who Loved Doughnuts (1993) - Paul F. Tompkins

Short Films
For the serious Tompkins completionist. Isn't even listed on IMDB.

Гудаури! Грузия! Трагедия на канатке! Gadauri, Georgia. Tragedy on the

Accidents & Explosions - Horror

Skins (1997) - Paul F Tompkins & Jay Johnston

Short Films
For the Tompkins completist. Also Theresa Mulligan and Andy Kindler are in there.

Haunted Toys R Us in Sunnyvale, CA

Religious - Horror
Marlon Brawndo
A ghost redneck hates Toys R Us...and now it's finally gone!

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