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Desc:Guy shows off his newest acquisitions
Category:General Station
Tags:review, candle, ycfan1985, haul, sensuous yankee
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Void 71
Viral marketing continues to get weirder.
Makes me want to shave my beard forever.
The first ycfan1985 video was made by a young woman. Obviously this biker killed her, stole her computer, discovered her youtube account, and developed a love of yankee candles.
Dread Pirate Roberts
Yeah, seriously.. I'm wondering where she went. Are they just like, siblings, or are they together, or did he really somehow get her account somehow?

that smile he cracks in anticipation of cracking the seals is a product of psychosis no question
my bad, he's trying not to cut himself cause he's using a goddamn kitchen knife while holding a cigarette

Dread Pirate Roberts
I literally went into a laughing fit about twenty second into this video. The incongruities just compounded and overloaded my brain until I hit the tipping point.

Also lost it again at the 3:40-55 mark when he exclaimed "whoa!"

Five stars, all the way across my post. Well done, FreeOJ. Perhaps my favorite video of the week.
I am happy you enjoyed it Dread Pirate Roberts

asian hick
The thing I love most? This guy hacked into someone else's YouTube account to post these (go to his account and check out the first vid). It's performance art. Wonderful.
Sensuous Bath (Yankee Candle Edition)?
Gah, meant to reply.

Oh, already posted.

So this is going to turn out to be like bath salts and you can grind up and snort this stuff for a meth high, right?
Oh shit. I seriously think I know this guy from like ten years ago in my hometown. That's fucking weird. Id recognize that strange face cringe anywhere. Slightly unstable individual
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