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Desc:I noticed him watching tv the other day so i put on a youtube video of some mice to see what would h
Category:Pets & Animals, Nature & Places
Tags:cat, CATegory, yay cats wooooooooooo, rufus
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Comment count is 11
Innocent Bystander
Dude, pick up the place a little, it's getting messy.
was that the music from the title sequence of "Antichrist"?
Oh great, a minute and a half of a cat looking at a TV.
The Mothership
Oh god freedom's one of the 'every day carry' community. Somebody post one of his carry videos quick.
Would you like me to post it myself?

Oh wait, if i post it myself i can't up vote it without being a tool.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
You move in with Chris Chandler? Christ, clean that place up.
I just moved in so enjoy the pile of boxes.

Abstract Fainter
This video has a cat.
Freedoom I have seen your videos. I really wanted to make some smarmy remarks about things, but you seemed to be pretty genuine about enjoying yourself with all of it so keep on rocking.
thanks so much man, i appreciate it!

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