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Desc:LOL, AMC finally jumped on board the recut fad, 5 years too late
Category:Classic Movies, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Trailer, recut, forrest gump
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Comment count is 16
Forrest Gump on AMC? I guess that'd take about 6 hours to watch with all the commercials and all.
Yeah, it didn't need to be re-cut to be a soul-killing monstrosity of everyman-worshiping horror. ...But if it had been filmed as a straight horror in the first place, I probably wouldn't have such a hate-on for it.
It's all worth the payoff, everybody gets AIDS!

Innocent Bystander
Well the stupid people who dare have sex and drugs get AIDS. Forrest gets to live because he works his entire life and does his military service.

She became a hippi and a stripper, AIDS was the only road for her. Meanwhile Forrest played football, went to war and always did what other people told him to do without ever questioning anything. He's obviously the second coming of Jesus.

Then call me stupid and give me AIDS

Well Bubba happened to be black, and that's practically a capital crime in every movie.

No surprise that he dies in the movie.

every night at 8??? fuck you AMC and your lazy-ass programmer
AMC is drunk with power. "The people, they beg, they plead. They cry out 'Compulsory Gump!' and we in programming heed this call of the people's movie, for we are all Gump."

The Series
Spirit bulb.

B. Weed
AMC's still running movies?
Commercials with movie breaks, yes.

That's not really a horror film, that's just Lifetime Channel.
Loses two stars for announcing itself. The Uncle Buck one was much funnier.
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