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Desc:I barely believe this is real
Category:Military, Video Games
Tags:No Spoilers in the Tags, vidya games, quicktime event, ace combat
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Comment count is 18
I was just playing God of War: Ghosts of Sparta less than five minutes ago and thinking about how much I hate QTEs.
If you press the wrong button, the terrorists win.
Robin Kestrel

Hugo Gorilla
The Breakfast Club: The Game
Caminante Nocturno
If you fail, the crowd becomes disaffected and "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam starts playing.
Xenagama Warrior Princess
Triangle to win.
Oh boy, Deadly Premonition was so right about this.

*press button to stare*
I always look at my hands before I decide to do anything with them.

Ready, hand? Time to move to the mouse to click Submit.
I think Quicktime is a registered trademark of the Apple Corporation.
MacGyver Style Bomb
They stole it from Xerox.

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cool water sandwich
Can she open bottles with her chin?
Ace Combat was one of my favorite series back when I was a kid, but there hasn't been a proper new one in ages. So when I heard a new Ace Combat was coming out for the PS3, I hoped beyond hope it would be as amazing as I remembered it.

Seems it won't disappoint.
Would have been 1000x better if they cut to credits showing clips of main characters to freeze frame when you press "square".
Billy the Poet
Press X to fist.
A good fisting.
Press the action button to confirm that your life has no meaning at all.
I call bullshit. Everyone knows the punch the sky command is mapped to the R3 button.
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