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Desc:I couldn't make it past 1:30 in. You'll see why.
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:horror, Fat People, obesity, suicide by gluttony
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Comment count is 27
thought for a second that her name was "Hauline"
My stars. Just take them.

I choked, pooped and cried.

Now that she's got the record, lardbag has found a new way to get attention she doesn't deserve.
I've seen multiple chins before, but multiple butts is a new one on me.
I hope I'm not the only one who mouthed stomping effects while she walked.
I did an explosion sound effect when she sat down.

blue vein steel
that must make Dr. Drew feel real nice that his show picks up the rejects from the other, more popular schadenfreude machines
The Mothership
yea, this.

I'm in shock that her pelvis or femurs have not snapped in half trying to deal with moving that weight.
Hey, gotta gain weight to lose weight, right? Wait -- that's not how that saying goes at all, is it?
2:45 - 3:02

I kept reading the sign as "Beware of Hog"
now that is some faulty fucking reasoning.
Abstract Fainter
She did thing the "care" industry cared.

Seriously. Oprah did her last show in May.

Wait... she gained SIXTY POUNDS in order to get help losing weight? SIXTY??? That extra weight alone will take a while to lose, let alone the additional health problems.

I'm... well... not speechless, exactly, but... stunned.
I love the logic.. I am fucked because of my weight so to help matters I am going to fuck myself over even more
American Standard

If I had a dollar every time a fatty blamed their metabolism. As if that's something beyond human control.

Know what speeds up a metabolism? Exercise.

If you think your metabolism is abnormally slow (and I'll bet you a hundred dollars it's not), statistics are HUGELY in your favor that a half-hour on the treadmill every weekday will fix it.

I dare you to try.
So the proper channels for medical/psychological help are:
1. Dr. Phil
2. Oprah
3. Dr. Oz
4. The Guiness Book of World Records

Huh...I would have just called my doctor, but maybe that's why I got turned down for health insurance.
Robin Kestrel
When you look at it that way, it sounds a little crazy, I guess. But, come on- it was the only logical thing she could do!

It's insane how many calories you can put away without thinking that you're "eating too much." She really needs to count. That and sonny boy needs to take the TV away.
Endless stars for previous poeTV comments (it's that kind of behavior that keeps me coming back) and some of the usual gems on YT.

Love how this starts: I'm eating myself to death, help me. (cut to clips at 4:27)
I'm not surprised Oprah turned her down; this lady is a terrible guest! I mean, sure, she's fat as the queen of sea cows, but come on, lady, you're on TV. "I knew it was going to be a little bit degrading, but whatever", "I dunno, I eat Jolly Ranchers I guess", "Actually, I had a pretty happy childhood".

For fucks sake. You can see the despair in Dr. Drew's eyes.
cool water sandwich
She's the Pokémon that ate all the other Pokémons.
Submitter's name is perfect for this one.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Heaviest Woman Alive Now Wants Hamburger Helper
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