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Desc:Plus the thrilling conclusion of Super Monkey Daibouken!
Category:Video Games, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Zelda, GameCenter CX, Arino, super monkey daibouken
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Born in the RSR
There was an episode in Batman TAS where the Riddler makes a huge video-game maze in an amusement park or something like that and it featured a giant flying hand that dragged you back to the start if you made a mistake. I had no idea this is where they got that idea from.
That was in the original Zelda too.

"Are we talking food or video games?"

That kid is a pretty cool guy.
For the record, I played Super Monkey Daibouken, and it's actually worse than Arino makes it out to be. I thought it was going to be "ha ha" bad, you know, kinda boring and stupid but in a plausible way.

Let me tell you: television editing is a hell of a thing.
The whole went like this:

"20 minutes of walking later"

"After 15 minutes of walking"


"More walking"

Looks like an effective remedy for insomnia.

I couldn't even get past the first area. It starts you off on some kind of island with mountains in the center. I walked around in circles for what may have been twenty minutes, but it felt like five hours. I found nothing. Not a damn thing. Not a village, not a warp zone, not a monster fight, nothing.

I was thinking of submitting some commercials from Super Monkey Daibouken, but those are almost as aggressively awful as the game itself:


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