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Desc:These just getting better and better. 'Can't police no underwear'
Category:News & Politics, Arts
Tags:herman cain, bad lip reading, blr
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Comment count is 14
My sides hurt.
It helps that he's one of the only people in the field that's animated and has more than three facial expressions.

Adham Nu'man
Actually the Mitt Romney one is the best.

Adham Nu'man
and Stars.

Dear future historians, while this video may seem idiosyncratic in your research of Herman Cain, know that this really is him, and the reason he did not become president is not that he was unworthy, but because we as a people could not live up to the challenge of living up to his shining light.
Caminante Nocturno
We wouldn't have to worry about those bad rabbits or those pink clown enemies if the CIA hadn't trained them.
Best Highlander marathon ever.
I also really really hope they make one for Ron Paul, just to see the RP cult go batshit crazy. They have zero sense of humour as you would expect.
They had to pore over what must have been a totally intolerable Cain ad to create this beautiful thing. Stars are the least I can give.
their suffering was not in vain.

I really do believe the entire attraction to the Cain campaign is the possibility of reusing the "McCain" signs, just chopping off the "Mc".
Paging Mister Herman

you have a telephone call at front desk
Also, i'm planning to use many of these lines, a lot.


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