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Desc:More awesome propaganda from the DPRK
Category:Classic TV Clips, Nature & Places
Tags:propaganda, North Korea, DPRK, Pyongyang
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Comment count is 14
Man, they are doing donuts all wrong.
Jet Bin Fever
150 square meters on average is about 450 square feet, which must be a palace in DPRK terms. And that means half the people live in spaces smaller than that. Probably a lot smaller.
150 meters ~= 490 feet.
150 square meters ~= 1615 square feet

https://www.google.com/search?q=150+square+meters+in+square+fe et

cool water sandwich
You multiply by nine, because: dimensions.

1600 sq ft is a decent sized house, and pretty massive for an apartment. I doubt anyone in North Korea has much better than an empty refrigerator box for housing.

Billy the Poet
I don't believe this for a second, but 300 sq. ft/person is very reasonable by any standards but America's.

0:54 I love how every shot of a Pyongyang street shows one or two cars on an otherwise desolate mile-long stretch of asphalt.

It's like a zombie apocalypse, after the streets have been picked clean by zombie vultures.
cool water sandwich
CORRÉHR magic land of shine wonderful houses
Gamara II
Actually guys, life in North Korea isn't nearly as nice as this video would have you believe!
Maggot Brain
I'd like to think that North Korea is the town from Footloose en masse. God help them if they ever get rock n' roll.
Corpus Delectable
I like the picture of fresh fruit. It's really telling what they choose to include in their propaganda.

I mean, look at the stunning lack of restraining orders littering my apartment, ladies. LOOK! IT MEANS I'M COMPLETELY NORMAL AND NOT AN OBSESSIVE CREEP!
Nice plastic fruit
Wow! Apples? Truly life in the peoples paradise is the life of the worker king.
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