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baleen - 2011-11-07

Here is the corresponding article, quite long but worth it. The argument is captivating and transcends issues of stimulus, tax cuts, and regulation and deregulation.

http://middlebororeview.blogspot.com/2011/10/who-broke-america s-jobs-machine.html

This stuff really hits home form e. Right now I am working for a small business and we've had to lay off almost everyone. If our company gets big enough, Home Depot oe Loew's will most certainly steal our patent and crush us. Seems doubtful though, since most new businesses just die of attrition in this economy.

baleen - 2011-11-07

Whats up with all my typos lately. I need more sleep.

Rovin - 2011-11-07

Lowes itself had decided to close twenty stores and layoff about 2000 workers... I've been wondering the if the gargantuan, monstrous Menards stores have been gutting them competitively. http://news.yahoo.com/lowes-closes-stores-slashes-store-plan-12372 1596.html

sjohnson301 - 2011-11-07

@baleen - quit my job of 10 years last Feb to start my own small business. Whoopsies! 401K is gone, employees are gone, and I'm barely treading water. Thank god I'm not married and don't have kids. I'm not blaming anyone for this and probably wouldn't change my decision, but jesus it's tough out there. Good luck to you sir/ma'am.

CrimsonHyperSloth - 2011-11-07

Staying late at work, so I am watching this (waiting on a baking process for an epoxy). Fascinating and not surprising, I've always wondered how America got by. Thanks for this and a view into your life Baleen. I work for a small company, in Canada, and it's incredible the markets.

baleen - 2011-11-08

Yes, it's tough all over.

Udderdude - 2011-11-07


Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2011-11-07

herp derp liberal gobbledygook anti capitalism spiel

/cena mark

baleen - 2011-11-07

He doesn't even know what an actual libertarian would say in response to these people.

Pillager - 2011-11-07

"We wish to control big business so as to secure among other things good wages for the wage-workers and reasonable prices for the consumers. Wherever in any business the prosperity of the businessman is obtained by lowering the wages of his workmen and charging an excessive price to the consumers we wish to interfere and stop such practices. We will not submit to that kind of prosperity any more than we will submit to prosperity obtained by swindling investors or getting unfair advantages over business rivals."

Ironically, a republican said that...

chumbucket - 2011-11-07

Stars for teaching me about the existence of the "Chinese Vitamin Cartels"

Banal Intercourse - 2011-11-07

First 30 minutes gets 5 stars. I'll watch the rest after work...

memedumpster - 2011-11-07

It gets really uncomfortable there towards the end when asked for solutions. The solution seems to be "we need a solution." Well, except for the "government has to save us" solution.

Five for baleen, I never have to question whether the long-ass videos you submit are worth watching or not.

baleen - 2011-11-08

Thanks. I like the irritable Chicago School woman. She reminds me of everybody I've met who comes from that world.

Rovin - 2011-11-07

Fived and favorited.

split tail - 2011-11-08


PegLegPete - 2011-11-09

This is awesome. I'm only a half hour through it so far.

It's awesome because this is a mainstream take that is so far thoroughly addressing an issue that people have been talking about for decades. Very accessible - this is something to put on your Facebook wall to spread the word to people who normally wouldn't listen.

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