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Desc:It belongs here
Category:Arts, Nature & Places
Tags:Omaha, Nebraska, Whyte Myk, Lucky Charm, Flocain
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Comment count is 11
La Loco
I've been to Omaha. It sucks. This video is pretty much a warning to stay away.
Omaha has a Fatburger. That counts for something.

La Loco
But they shut down their only good bar, the 49er.

You can't has 2-4-1's at the 49er?

I actually spent many years of my life living in the Council Bluffs/Omaha area, and liked it quite a bit.

That doesn't make this any less retarded though.

That slight incline in the road at the beginning leads me to believe that this was not made anywhere near Nebraska.
Adham Nu'man
Featuring the only black dude in Nebraska.
Flocain can't seem to focus his eyes on anything. It's definitely possible that it's the crystal meth doing it, but I think it's definitely possible that Flocain is retarded.

The Mothership
Say what you want, but Lucky Charm has some flow to him.
I'm not watching the video. The preview image is enough.
This video is now 33% of what I know about Omaha. The other 2/3 are "Steaks" and "Where Warren Buffet is from"
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