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Desc:New global law: every mountain/steep hill needs one of these
Category:Nature & Places, Arts
Tags:Safety, speed, rollercoaster, amazing, austria
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Comment count is 17
I'll support that law.
Jet Bin Fever
Wouldn't survive a day under the girth of our average citizen.
man that looks fun...heres how it looks from off-rail
La Loco
Looks allot less scarier after seeing those funny cars.

Looks like a longer and more satisfying ride than a traditional roller coaster. Of course now he has to get back up the mountain.
The ski lift makes that no problem.

Reminds me of Action Park. Only scarier.
Albuquerque Halsey
Nah. I'd be too afraid of running into a wallaby.
In Austria?

Yeah. How do you think Australia got its name?

Binro the Heretic
One day, we will have a video shot from the perspective of a rider on one of these things hitting a deer on the track.

It is inevitable.

"Austrian roller coaster" sounds like something you wouldn't want to happen to your family. This looks fun though!
Hard not to believe people don't throw shit at coasters as they zoom by, but that's Austria for you.
MacGyver Style Bomb
Real life Minecraft.
Looks like Skyrim's going to need some new mods.

Kind of a less extreme version of an Alpine Slide. I still have a scar from my childhood from one of those things. My friend's sister broke something-or-other that day as well. I'm surprised they're still in use and i'll have to go visit one next summer.

The Great Mel Bay
I remember those, still hoping some idiot tries to ripstick down one

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