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Desc:Yes but 'you can't shoot a heart attack' - retrocious
Category:Short Films, Nature & Places
Tags:cold steel, lynn thompson, Y chromosome, Fatty Fatty Fat Fat, king of the demo
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Hank Friendly
"fastest gun alive" is a bold, bold claim to make

that being said, this is pretty insanely dangerous, and recovering from the spear throw into the draw and then putting at least the first shot on target that quickly is impressive.

also, Fat
Adham Nu'man
Lynn Thompson, not the best spear thrower alive.

He was bang on but the beast knocked it in flight. And he downed it with the first shot.

I say this was still *heavy breathing* impressive.

pound for pound he's probably the fastest

Modern Angel
Haha that fat guy has a girl's name
Counterpoint: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=826HMLoiE_o
i partially wanted to submit this to discuss my suspicions that its fake. the camera shake at 1:01 could be the cameraman reacting to the sound of his gunshot but it looks curiously similar to the motion of a camera recoiling when one has fired a gun. i guess i just wouldnt put it past the king of the demo.
The Mothership
I just saw a savage, ruthless killing machine charge an innocent beast of peace.
Spear hunting just like ancient times by kind of tossing the spear near the animal, then shooting him in the face anyway.
Yeah, I tried to be sporting, now I'll just shoot you.

That is a tiny water buffalo, not a cape buffalo. That's a cow, a species that is domesticated throughout half the world, not a killer.


That's a cape, soaking up a half-dozen elephant gun rounds. A real buffalo would have wedged that ruger up fatty's ass. And followed it with the spear.
I fucking hate these people. I just think they're disgusting people. I'm not against hunting, I just hate these people.
Corpus Delectable
Fatties? Hunters? Kings of demos?

Focus your internet rage for us.

1:30 - "I was spang on into his backit . . . I woul KILLEM!"
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