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Desc:Strange cross between the unboxing video people and smoking fetish
Category:Fashion, Sports
Tags:leather, smoking, Fetish, package, unboxing
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Comment count is 18
The chainsaw background was the ticket in this.
The intended manliness of the beard, the sleeveless shirt, the black leather gloves, the switchblade, the Marine Corps cap, and the tobacco pipe itself is underplayed somewhat by the well-maintained tulip garden clearly visible in the background.
he's posting this so other dudes can jack off to it, i don't think he shares your horticultural insecurity.

I had no idea there was such a thing, and I thought I knew everything about the internet.

blue vein steel
unboxing videos may be one of the least manly things you can do

Is unboxing a fetish too?

I like the dad glasses he sports for the first half.
He sure likes that knife. I'm pretty sure that you don't have to slice open loose tobacco

I mean if you need a butt and aint got no knife then it's like FUCK why did they make it so that you have to open it with a knife
I have never seen an unboxing video. I've been on the poe network for close to a decade and I'm still discovering new fetishes.
Never seen an unboxing video? Unveiling the Katana kinda falls into that category, or I remember one where there was a Japanese dude unboxing something like final fantasy XXIXIXIXI or whatever and he had a boner, that was on here.

The Mothership
damn, I used to manage a tobacconists and I can't for the life of me tell what pipe tobacco that is.

Oh, and as a former professional pipe smoker (in that tobacco was my living and I smoked a fucking ton of the stuff), this fetish is not about pipes; he has clearly never smoked a pipe in his life, barely knows what he is doing. this is about something else entirely, something far more sinister....
Somewhere along the way I came to equate non-work gloves with kidnapping, rape, and murder. I can't wear gloves for just warmth or fashion, even when it's bitter cold and fashionable. It actually strikes me as a thousand times more dehumanizing than a hazmat suit.

Mittens, however, I find hilarious.
At least he's smoking outside.
This guy is even creepier than the "Just Me..." guy :(
wtf japan
Guy gets a brand new, expensive briar pipe, uses a fucking torch lighter to light it, and breaks it in with goopey vanilla flavored tobacco. Then he smokes it as hot as he can.

To a pipe smoker, this is basically a snuff film. Fuck you, guy.
snuff film? yeah that sounds about right

The related videos are a long carnival of silly pipe aficionados being silly.
Void 71
This guy looks like cancer.
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