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Desc:Someone thought this idea was just the bee's knees.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Sports
Tags:Harlem Globetrotters, gilligans island, sequels nobody wanted, robots for some dumb reason, gilligans idiocy saves the day again!
Submitted:Killer Joe
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Comment count is 14
Pope Caius
For the love of all that is holy, I want to see the "robots for some dumb reason" tag become active.
The premise of this show was that the characters were stranded and had no way of contacting the outside world, right?
This is from a post-series special that is set after their second rescue. The Howells have turned the island into a popular resort.

Prickly Pete
So Gilligan wore those same clothes everyday by choice, then?

This idea is the bee's knees!
And there you have it, proof that television has ALWAYS been stupid.
***** Dem Globetrotters' gots de SHINE.
Hank Friendly
5 stars for ginger and mary anne in cheerleader costumes
And Ms. Howell!

There is an inconsistency in the tags: there are no dumb reasons for robots
"Small Wonder" and Twiki from "Buck Rogers" would seem to put a dent in that statement.

BTW the actor playing Thurston Howell IV was a writer on Small Wonder.

Why don't NBA players pull some globetrotter shenanigans once in awhile? I might even be convinced to watch a basketball game.
Caminante Nocturno
The only emotion robots know is the crushing shame of defeat.
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