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Desc:Dude brostell ya why they wanted to build some rock hard muscle
Category:General Station
Tags:gym, steroids, weight lifting, machismo, dude bro
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 17
What got me back in the gym?

I got drunk and got a barbed wire tattoo and bought a bunch of affliction shirts. Then I was like, well, better not let these go to waste.
Corpus Delectable
Sniff. Swallow. Flip head. Shift.


The sexual tension between these two is amazing.
I think it actually that they both have sexual levels of narcissism, which manifests itself into brotherly love.

wtf japan
Back when I used to fuck bitches.
these are body builders. it's "fukk bishes"

Now I just fuck my twin brother.

(not because they cant spell but because that's the forum lingo... nevermind)

La Loco
Is this one guy doing both rolls with computer graphics?
Void 71
Needs a 'steroids' tag.
Oscar Wildcat
Also a 'cocaine' tag.

They use each other as mirrors.
Nothing in this video can possibly be funnier than the guy on the left's expression in the preview frame. Five stars for that.
Good Evening, I'm Dude Brostell.
Old People
That was the first thing I thought, too.

The guys who do their best to come off manly end up looking the gayest...

Also... is that eyeliner?
Macho Nacho
They got self-esteem issues.
Jet Bin Fever
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