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Desc:Simple, direct and to the point
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:house, Freedom, Easy living
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Comment count is 20
American Standard
Suppose he complains about the snotty hipsters in their prefab 15,000-dollar Tiny Houses®?
Oscar Wildcat
Son's of a bitches are hoarding all the women, too. I polish my guns and wait for spring.

Billy the Poet
The secret to owning shit free and clear is to inherit it. THANKS FOR THE BULLETIN, ASSHOLE!
I count two caravans, four trucks, a washer and dryer, several tarps, and one junkpile on his land. Which is pretty much what I expected.

But the solar panels on his cabin were a surprise, so kudos to him for those.
Oh man as soon as I find a piece of 0 land here in Berkeley, I am so doing this.
Let's grab a beer Ursa.

blue vein steel
after watching the guy's other videos, he actually seems pretty reasonable. he has a PS2 upstairs. Gotta pay the phone bill for internet access though, no real way around that.
I want a propane fridge now.
Jet Bin Fever
Pretty cool actually. I have a little over 40 acres in middle Tennessee, and I've been thinking about building my own little apocalypse shack. Seems pretty fun.
American Standard
From what I've seen and heard second hand, it's like plural marriage. If it works for you, it's because you've hit the right balance and you basically came wired for it. It really, REALLY works, and you're happy to evangelical proportions. But if it doesn't, it's a total fucking disaster. There is no saying "Eh, s'alright" to composting toilets, solar panel maintenance and squeezing your life into 200 square feet.

And as a comment on the original video: If it actually takes you 30 years to pay your 30-year mortgage, you're doing it wrong.

Seems like a bad idea to let your human waste leech into your potable water, but let's just see how this case study pans out.

I actually read a really good book on this kind of small-house self sufficiency living thing. In short: it basically doesn't work unless you are wealthy enough to afford the initial start-up costs, after which it works very well. Unfortunately, this movement, which originally started as a sort of green-living type thing has, in the last few years, been more and more co-opted by paranoid, NWO conspiracy types who want to live as far off the grid as is possible. So now, what people who DO own land for small living are seeing more and more of, is creepy weirdos making small, mobile homes (or buying airstreams and such) and then squatting in and around other people's property claiming that the government "has no jurisdiction on them."
My stepdad owns some land with a cabin that's part of a larger community in the mountains and they basically have to deal with this a few times a year where suddenly some guy is living by the side of the road or near a river or something in some cobbled together mini-house with solar panels with signs and banners about NAZI OBAMA or whatnot..

Void 71
These people started showing up around eastern Tennessee when I left in the late '90s. They don't fit in with the genuine hillbillies because 1. they have money and 2. they come from the city or suburbs. I can only imagine how bad its gotten since then.

So his message is that freedom isn't quite free.

Doesn't look zombie proof, let alone able to fend off bands of raiders.
It must be nice to not have debt.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Sounds great if you're resigned to living a life of TFL.
I was happily surprised to hear he had a girlfriend. If at that age you can spend time with someone who sees you as more than a provider, that's pretty awesome.

uh oh that's pretty tfl-sounding isn't it

Earthships or nothing, poseur.
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