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Desc:In theory...this game should have worked on multiple levels.
Category:Educational, Video Games
Tags:Nintendo, punch out, Mark Tyler, Game Betas, Intergalactic Beatdown
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For talking like the ONN Autistic News Reporter
So much of this shit it'll make your head explode here : http://tcrf.net/The_Cutting_Room_Floor
That's a pretty good site. I hate that on some games I know a little more than they do, though.

I wonder if XAPlay still works for finding stuff on ps1 games. I know it did back when I was using Windows 95.

Finding all the alternative dialogue in Soul Reaver 1 was heartbreaking. There was a totally different game we never got to see, and instead we got shoehorned sequels and a broken storyline.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night had a few interesting tidbits, as well. The ghost priest blesses you in one of them. I think they took that out because a. a lot of people can miss that part and b. he sounds a lot like Death.

It's a wiki. If you "Know more than they do", why not contribute?

Needs a "P" tag.

Tordy Forts.

I played Power Punch II years ago. Rented it from Blockbuster. Game fucking sucked. I never made it past the first fight. I never beat Mike Tyson's Punch Out, either, but I did make it to a decision in the last fight (and you just lose by default, even if you're ahead on knockdowns).

There were a lot of weird ass games back then, though. Viking Football. Mutant League Hockey, based on the Saturday morning cartoon show "Mutant League Sports" or something like that. My brother and I played it and I liked that you could kill the people on the other team with chainsaws and other whacky weapons. My brother hated that even though he was ahead on points, I'd end up winning because he didn't have enough players left to finish the game.
Mutant League Hockey and it's predecessor Mutant League Football were two of my favorite Genesis games. I don't think i ever finished a game the traditional way. I would love for them to be remade. It would be epic.

Void 71
EA would ruin it somehow. I'd rather see a sequel to Cyberball since there's a chance that a good developer could buy the rights to it.

There was talk/rumors about a mutant league football game due to some Easter egg in Blitz IIRC. The business guess, however, is that EA wouldn't do it because it'd dilute their share on their Madden franchise further, or glorify elements that the NFL don't want attached to football as a whole.

the purple dude with just arms should have had his own spinoff. Dude fucking rules.
I know it's probably pretty interesting for people interested in retro gaming (myself included) but I can't just bear listening to this guy's P's.
You might say he's... P'ing you off?

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