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Desc:A guy not quite getting the concept of racism.
Category:Arts, Nature & Places
Tags:White, artist, I, ego, Al Jolsen
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Comment count is 16
He uses a lot of words and manages to say nothing at all. I bet he thinks he's really deep.
Watch until the end. If you've never believed boring could be aggressively offensive, you're in for a treat.
Really makes you think.
of stabbing my brain with a pencil.

Reminds me of this infuriating guy I met who described himself as an intellectual. When asked why he felt he would consider himself one, he said it was because he likes reading books and stuff. In conclusion, shallow depth.
Hmmm. This is the kind of thing that really stays with you. I'll be turning that image over in my mind for hours.
My work really feels the capture of race and discussion which is what I'm trying to uncomfortable in this piece and dichotomy. So it points a satirical finger at the discourse of race...and gender...and what I also feel society's white people feel a small price to pay to discuss these issues. I feel my portraiture could set up a discourse about a white community on racism, which is really what my work is saying about photography and the discourse my work represents. I feel it's deeply rooted and subversive and focusing on whites in my work which shows the community and the aspects of racism and how we're made to feel uncomfortable every day in photography, such as with racism and my work and white people.

Art School Chatbot would be a good username.

Hugo Gorilla
This guy has never known adversity, criticism, or suffered for his... whatever he's doing. Portraituring?
Portraiture baby yeah

Adham Nu'man
Mime abuse is a serious issue.
All the thrills and excitement of looking through stock photo catalogs. I think everyone wants to slap some white off of this asshole.
I just realized, if this guy does intors for all of his photos, barely anyone will ever make it through to see them. He's a horrible speaker.

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