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Desc:wins my award for best youtube id
Category:News & Politics, Video Games
Tags:news, Xbox Live, achievements, all my achievements
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Comment count is 29
1:12 - Dad went to the store for a pack of cigarettes years ago but they saved a spot for him on the couch.
Is it ok for the kid to play video games that much to begin with?
Yeah, help his autism by shoving games like Dead Rising and Halo in front of him all day long. Great job mom.

Microsoft usually does a pretty thorough job of finding cheaters. I'm curious what his list looked like. If this kid was racking up online-only achievements offline that's an instant flag.

Hey shut up guys! It's his only friend! Cause of Autism!

Dread Pirate Roberts
I wonder what evidence they had that was using external means to gain achievements?

I wonder if it was perhaps because he's autistic and got every achievement on every game he owned within a certain timespan?

Damn cheaters.

"It disgusts me that they did this to my child"

Oh, shut up.
James Woods
And clean his controller, jesus.

It disgusts me that you did that to your child.
Therapists recommend 18 hours of gaming a day.

"Now he has nothing to show for his hours of gaming."

So in other words, nothing has changed in his life.

Also, needs "slow news day" tag.
0:49. Booger thumb.
Yea, that made me gag.

Thanks for pointing that out.


Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I saw that too


...and booger controller. Shit, wash your fucking kid first, then his controller, then call the news team out.

Jet Bin Fever
He has no friends, so rather than give him positive outlets where he can socialize in healthy ways, I'll just let him play videogames 24/7 till he is an adult and gets his disability pay.
its a good thing autistic people are treated with such dignity and respect in America

*looks up*


Grandmaster Funk
Someone should introduce this woman to Chris-Chan.

I was going to make that comment.

Oscar Wildcat
Mom needs to wise up and get the kid a day trading account.
Looking forward to posting this kid's MLP:FIM diaper fetish vids some day.
"If have no friends, and you have no life..."

Best mom, or most best mom?
My son lost his virtual badges ALERT THE MEDIA
yeah, guess who just denied their kids a further existence of no friends and no life

I'd totally friend him on XBox Live! Except I don't play XBox Live. And I don't associate with cheaters.

American Standard
So this is news now, huh.
seriously that kids thumb and controller make me retch
So let's see if I understand poetv logic:

"This person likes doing something that's a bit off the beaten path and enjoys it even though it's not something I could see myself doing" -> AUTISM

"This person is clinically autistic and has no chances of being functional within society" -> BAD PARENTING

Stars are for the group cognitive dissonance.
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