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Jet Bin Fever - 2012-03-06

A fool and his money are soon parted. Sadly, the same can not be said of virginity.

Riskbreaker - 2012-03-06

Oh boy, it's every single bad stereotype of yt unboxing videos all rolled into one.

fedex - 2012-03-06

put that boxcutter down before fapping, sir

BHWW - 2012-03-06

As opposed to all of the "good" stereotypes, I suppose.

Riskbreaker - 2012-03-06

He could at least start the video with "ALL RIGHT BACK AGAIN"

fedex - 2012-03-06


oh, the irony

Chancho - 2012-03-06

1987? This turd looks like he's 45 years old.

riedquat - 2012-03-06

Unboxing is so passe, bring on 2012's Sitting Waiting For The Postman video craze

ADnova - 2012-03-06

The real future is watching videos of people downloading stuff.
"omg you guys it's at 69%!! Funny number lol! Oh hey look who it is, it's my cat Dr. Nibbles. Oh lolol he farted!"

Hugo Gorilla - 2012-03-06

I like that he has his own obnoxious and unfunny catchphrases. I can't wait for the video of him "slip sloppin' slippin, baby" his knuckle wide open when he flashes the box cutter at the camera, and it concludes later after a trip to E/R and there are close-ups of his stiches.

chumbucket - 2012-03-06

The smell of ripe fat sweat seems to permeate even his videos.

Riskbreaker - 2012-03-06

Seems he has a problem with plastic.

klingerbgoode - 2012-03-06

I really like this game, and I really like this box set, but...jesus fucking christ.

Also, those boxers that he says are really small? They're extra large.

Chalkdust - 2012-03-06

I want to do an 'unboxing' video where I just unceremoniously dump the contents of it on the kitchen table without commentary and it's over in six seconds

Chalkdust - 2012-03-06

that wasn't supposed to be a reply. oh well!

klingerbgoode - 2012-03-08

Do it!

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