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Desc:A man whispers odes of love to his horrifying collection of dragon-related artwork
Category:Horror, Nature & Places
Tags:dragon, Fetish, diapers, iphone, pedowhisper
Submitted:Kid Fenris
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Comment count is 15
pedowhisper indeed.
I think this gentleman and I may have totally different definitions of the term "cute".
Mother Lumper

Uploader's Youtube profile proudly states that they have a boyfriend now.
Jet Bin Fever
These complex fetishes are so confusing and terrifying. As usual, I blame the internet.
I'm bewildered.

Picture 547 of 607...on just the phone!

Just north of a 13 minute video of this, which I couldn't finish after seeing the multiple repeated gags of:
"I'm going to wet myself" "You need to be put in diapers after wetting the bed" "very cute" "accident in pants"... repeated horrors over and over.

What the hell, internet?!
The Townleybomb
If you want this to be extra fun, think of how much he must be drooling after looking at porn and talking like that for damn near 15 minutes.
That jock horse had cloven fingers! I blame deviantart.com for supplying the bulk of these.
I cannot un-hear what I have heard :(

Surgeon General's Warning: It's even worse through earphones.
Of course he's a Call of Duty fan.
Sudan no1
Suddenly I crave fan art of the Call of Duty characters in diapers.

...maybe he has some but I didn't get far enough in the video.

Jim Quin
If nothing else, at least this will discourage people from mugging him to steal his phone.
Spaceman Africa
He sounds like every other Youtube aspie.

I have enough trouble understanding the mind behind the fetish as it is, but then whispering us through his mobile collection in the dark? Is this an attempt at mass-seduction, or just someone who couldn't possibly have a friend to show this to in person?
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