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Desc:Holly's concerned that Abbie is sterotyping her daughter. Abbie agrees and defends it. Racism ensues
Category:Crime, Nature & Places
Tags:racism, Dance Moms, La Queefa, sterotyping, the La Queefas of the world
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Comment count is 32
The Mothership
La Queefa? really?
Friend's of mine had a girl in a class and the name was "l-a", and they couldn't figure out how the fuck to say it. "Is it like la or llla or laaaaaa?"

Turns out it's, "la-dash-ah".

It's written as "l-a".

Born in the RSR
Memories of working customer support for Sprint:

Girl named Abcdee.

Girl born on 4th of July, name: Usaniqua.

Can't remember any more right now.

I find that people who are completely full of shit are usually so because they are just too fucking boring to tell the truth.

Rodents of Unusual Size
She has a voice like a homeless Howard Stern regular.

New a trio of kiddos from the school I use to work at: King, Prince, and Urhines.

The last one is pronounced "Ur-hine-es"

The new school has a girl named Dymoneque, which I think is pretty cool.

the Sklar brothers make frequent mention of identical twin boxers Travis and Tarvis Simms, saying that if they were born triplets, the third would probably have been named Tavris.

Xenagama Warrior Princess
It's Spanish for "The Mysterious Wind of the Valley."

Rodents of Unusual Size
Xenagama, that line deserves love.

The Mothership
Yes, praise for Xenagama.

It's nice to see Michael Scott got a new job after leaving Dunder Miflan, but he's really let himself go.
this is every kind of terrible
Jesus. The "scholarship" dig should have earned the choreographer a slap in the face.
that woman could do more than slap. Fatty Cancermound there should have gotten a downward trajectory right hook that snapped her neck.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I meant to put my comment under yours and dedicate my stars for Fatty McCancermound.

"Your daughter is a horrible dancer, and I have to strain to find something she can do."
she also has to strain to find her junk in the shower but they omitted that from this video weirdly enough

I'd love to know the name and URL for the choreographer. Just sayin'.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious

Jet Bin Fever
How can someone with absolutely no definable shape to her body teach dance? It would be like a guy with no arms and legs teaching someone karate.
Here's how it works, at least in The South (my girlfriend was a dance teacher for several years and is skinny, mind you):

Fat bitch starts a dance studio and builds a reputation by hiring low paid actual dancers to teach so they can at least somewhat follow their passion. She then gets all the wealthy families in town to send their girls to her for jazz, tap, ballet, etc. and to enter pageants. It's basically considered a form of finishing school for girls, and I imagine it's like that in the rest of the country. You can rank your family's prestige by what dance studio you're able to afford for her and then what rank she has in that studio in her age level. There's a lot of catty bullshit that goes on, which is why my gf left.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
5 for La Queefa.
What is it about racists getting all offended when you point out how racist they are? I'm sure this lady's a teabagger.
Grandmaster Funk

"Now please tell your talentless daughter to wear this negro-style afro wig."

For some reason it's not in this clip, but when Abbie says she wants to see Nia in an afro, she asks Holly to bring one from home (because all black people keep fake afros). Later, Holly makes a comment to one of the other mothers that was something like "Okay, let me just take my afro out of my purse".
I saw one episode of this show. Just from that it's clear that Abbie is and forever will be single, and will never, ever have children, which she wants more than anything. Because of this, she hates all the moms for having what she will never have.

It's okay, though, because the moms are awful, too.
Exactly this.

Meatsack Jones
A fat dancer compares to a paraplegic bicyclist to me.
Well she's all set with her stripper name.
Xenagama Warrior Princess
I saw Anderson Cooper confront this woman on his afternoon Oprah replacement. Turns out Abby has had only three dancers that graduated from her class to go on to get an actual high-profile job out of hundreds. One is a broadway dancer.

Watching it was like seeing somebody interview a mound of oozing Silly Putty on a tiny stool denying the adverse effects of everything surrounded by five yes women.
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