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Desc:...from the balcony.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Sports
Tags:wrestling, ECW, testosterone, Dudley Boys, crowd-baiting
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Comment count is 18
This is generally how most Philadelphia sports events pan out.
Jet Bin Fever

This is generally how most Philadelphia events pan out.

Don't try that at the Electric Factory.

This was in Queens. I didn't make the show because my girlfriend of the time wanted to do something else that night.

I resent that.

MY BAD. I thought that was the ECW area (which I've never been to). My ECW obsessed friend would be so ashamed of me.

Yeah. The ECW Arena has three notable features that make it easy to tell:

1) It's just a warehouse, so there are no balconies or anything of the sort.
2) The lighting is God awful.
3) There is a fat guy in a cabana shirt and a straw hat in the front row.

Crab Mentality
Hooker, you bring up a cherished memory. When ECW came to my town, I went as the hawaiian shirt guy.

You know there's something special when you can dress up not only as the wrestlers themselves, but also the fans.

On a side note, did you ever notice the guy who looked like Rob Zombie? He's almost as common as the hawaiian shirt guys.

Please, please: the front-row shills you guys are talking about were "Hat Guy, Stan Lee and Rick Rubin."

lame, i thought he was gonna try to jump clear from the balcony into the ring
Wonko the Sane
weak, even by wrestling standards
You should never knock a man for having standards

To appreciate this, you need to understand how completely over the Dudleys were as heels at the time.

You also need to not be a pathetic whiny wrestling hater.
I always had the impression that ECW fans were mostly smarks though. Maybe not the ones that would actually showed up at events?

All it takes is one drunk mark and a couple hundred smarks encouraging him.

ECW fans used to litter the ring. WCW fans used to litter the ring. WWF/E fans never litter the ring, and I think the promotion suffers for it.
You're right. Wrestling does need that to see the fans passionate about something. I'm surprised the Rock pinning Cena at WM28 didn't do that. I got so mad I almost broke my TV when that happened.

SO guy gets insulted, gets lowered as carefully as one can from a balcony by wrestling fans, and then does not in fact fight anyone? What the hell was I watching then?
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