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Desc:Wesley Crusher shows you the best way to watch Star Trek.
Category:Science & Technology, Stunts
Tags:DIY, TNG, electronics, home cinema
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Comment count is 11
That's... pretty awesome, actually.

So if I remove the case/bezel to mount an LCD in something else (like an old TV set case), will it still work as before, or does the case have to keep OUT light as well as produce it for visibility?

John Holmes Motherfucker
Shopping results for overhead projector

3M 1880 Plus Overhead projector - 3000 ANSI lumens
4 - 27 stores
3M 9100 Overhead Projector Works 9000AJB
6 - 8 stores
3M 2000AG: 3M Model 2000-AG Reflective Portable ...
7 - 70 stores
That's why you buy a used one from garage/estate sales, craigslist, etc. assuming you don't have one lying around (usually with a defunct school name written across the side in Sharpie).

Buying one of them new just for this is moronic (as is buying a new monitor to take apart, in case you wanted to price those, too).

John Holmes Motherfucker
Well, when I posted, i thought these prices were pretty good, but the used projectiors are all under a hundred.

Jet Bin Fever
Oh man, I didn't know we had entered a projector bubble. I always thought those things were CRAZY expensive.

My roommates did exactly this for the Superbowl back in '99. Borrowed an overhead projector from one of the labs for the weekend and disassembled a laptop screen. Wasn't HD though.

The problem with projectors is that the replacement bulbs are really expensive, and you'd go through them fairly quickly if you use the projector for a few hours a day. Also, they are best used in a lightless room.

I made one of these a few years ago. Cost nothing and would have worked well except the smallest LCD ?I could find (14") was too big for my overhead projector.
Can't you just resize the media player window to fit?

Back in the 90s, when overhead projectors were still popular, you could get LCD panels that were intended to be used in this way. I ended up getting one of those on eBay for like 0 and got an overhead projector, and had a sweet 480p projection system for like 0. It was the envy of all the other grad students.

Ended up spending a shitton on bulbs though.
Which is to say I ended up getting this back in 2000, when they were really cheap (and I was a grad student).

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