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StanleyPain - 2012-04-17

Newt Gingrich certainly doesn't fall into any media traps.

If by traps you mean "questions" and if by "fall into" you mean "answer them coherently."

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2012-04-17

Oddly enough, Gingrich said recently:

"In our experience, Callista and I both believe CNN is less biased than Fox this year."

I knew he was willing to say pretty much anything, but that one kind of came outta nowhere.

jangbones - 2012-04-17

Newt is not afraid to challenge the Republican establishment. Its one of his few redeeming features.

His monstrous self-absorption and arrogance is not.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2012-04-17

Well, he regrets it, I think. Fox said he was just trying to get a job on CNN, and he stormed out of an interview with a student at a campaign stop when the kid asked about his CNN/Fox statement (it was the first question). He had his secret service detail detain the student while he left.

chumbucket - 2012-04-17


sjohnson301 - 2012-04-17

How has nobody yet mentioned that all of these people (aside from the burly guy at the end) are reading this script from their freaking bedrooms? That one guy doesn't even have sheets on his bed!

grimcity - 2012-04-17

The guy in the Thrasher shirt... I wish to punch him.

Not skater hating, just the opposite.

hammsangwich - 2012-04-17

You have to have donkey shit for brains if you think being a career politician is admirable or desirable.

SolRo - 2012-04-18

It is, but only in countries where being a politician involves earning a low wage, working long hours, working most of the year, and where even a hint of inflience peddling gets you jail time.

Only question is, does a country like that exist?

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2018-02-07

It's now 2018, one year into the Trump Nightmare. This is what happens when your contempt for career politicians reaches the point where you decide you want to try amateurs. Dr. Phil would ask: "And how's that workin for you?" I don't need to ask; I know.

I'm getting sick of politicians talking about how they're not politicians. Politics is a skill set, and we need politicians. Trump is dangerous not only because he's an autocrat. He's dangerous because he doesn't have the political skills to be anything else. Things work most of the time for most of the people because of public servants working together. There will always be corruption, compromise, and injustice, but politics is the only way these things can ever be confronted in a system where power is shared. Career politicians are beyond admirable; they are absolutely necessary.

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