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Desc:Greek cell phone commercial featuring Buddy Bradley
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Advertisements
Tags:greek, Peter, people,, Bagge,, Hate,
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Comment count is 3
4 for sellout evil, or copyright infringement.

One extra star for remembering a few panels, one with Buddy threatening to stab his sister with his penis (he moved out shortly after). Another had his flatmate extolling the virtues of paid sex, while walking around naked, his penis covered in warts, . Fun comic, not sure I could read it anymore.

Now Ed the Happy Clown, that's something I've thought of revisiting. Ronald Reagan's head grafted to the tip of a depressed clowns penis. THAT was something else.
I read all of them a couple of years ago, and they hold up really well.

Ed the Happy Clown is amazing and you should totally read it again. Never cared much for Bagge's stuff. Flaming Carrot is the best tho.

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