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Desc:He seems cool.
Category:Crime, Nature & Places
Tags:drunk driver, Las Vegas, City Punch
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Comment count is 8
The friendly aspect of a handshake is diminished somewhat when one person is wearing rubber gloves.
"my mother would be sick to her stomach... but mostly because of the dui I just got"
5 for the fact that "City Punch" sounds like an 8-bit game that I really need to play.
The ending is perfect.
Monty Cantsin
Kyogen said: `Zen is like a man hanging in a tree by his teeth over a precipice. His hands grasp no branch, his feet rest on no limb, and under the three another person asks him: `Why does Bodhidharma come to China from India?'

`If the man in tree does not answer, he fails; and if he does answer, he falls and loses his life. Now what shall he do?'
And that's the story of how sign language was invented.

Perfectly normal driver if you ask me.
Syd Midnight
Seems like a fun guy to be around.
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