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Desc: Empress Winona is going to humiliate you and your small penis
Category:General Station
Tags:mangina, true forced loneliness, TFL, Bill Greathouse, incel
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 12
What if you have the information and don't want the session?
Introduce yourself as whichever TFL sidekick Bill happens to be aligned with at the moment.

She has a very particular set of toys; toys acquired over a very long career. Toys that make her a nightmare for people like Bill. She will look for him, she will find him, and she will allow him to pay her for some verbal insults and a painful, hour-long handy.

Actually I kind of picture her being up the Clarice to his Hannibal, his stubborn paranoia all rope-a-doping her into madness.
Yep, classic arch-nemesis.

Corpus Delectable
Unwatchable. But five stars' worth of unwatchableness.
its like fighting fire with hot lava covered in napalm
So if I give her the contact information she'll let me have my testicle crushed by her stiletto heel while she calls me names?


*fumbles for address book*
I like where this is going.... future plot
Sudan no1
Good ending: "We need to be selective to continue a strong, intelligent species, and not weaken it by breeding with neanderthal knuckle draggers like you." EVOPSYCH'D.
Wait... Did she just give a quick eugenics plug there?

her unsure cadence and fumbling affectation of suave certainty that comes off childish and brittle: insecure dominatrices turn me on.
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