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Category:Video Games, Sports
Tags:MMA, wrestling, Clusterfuck
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Comment count is 12
This game sucks in so many ways. It sucks so hard that i can't help but love it. If you are a hardcore fan of Fire Pro, you fucking suck and have horrible opinons. You're also worse than Chris Chan, at least he plays half decent games some of the time.
for all of the countless hours i have spent into customizing this game, I have honestly maybe played through 9 or 10 matches. it's basically just a dollhouse for wrasslin fans.

Fire Pro is a good game if you spend time learning to play it.

What's so bad about it? I've never played it, but I always believed it was the end-all-be-all of wrestling games.

I think it was mainly that I hated playing with the computer and none of my friends would give this game more than 30 seconds of their time before basically repeating essentially what themilkshark said sans Chris Chan remark and "love it".

The game works on a timing system, and once you have the timing down, you will win every single game against the computer. It's lots of fun against other people, however. Plus, they introduced a match rating system in Fire Pro Wrestling A that I think gives the games a unique appeal since it changes it from a pro-wrestling fighting game to a pro-wrestling game (where you're actually trying to entertain an audience with a match as opposed to win a match).

This video sucks.

If you're interested in the actual gameplay, the gist of it is that right when the two wrestlers lock up (looks sort of like a hug; they do it when they walk into one another), there's a specific moment in time where you're trying to time your move. If you do it before that point, you're screwed, so button mashing is out. The person that hits their button the closest to that point will get to do their move (with some limitations - stronger moves have innate chances of being countered, but those chances decrease as you beat up on your opponent, so you can't just do your best move from the start).

You should've tacked on a few stars just for giving you an excuse to pontificate at length about an ancient wrestling game.

:( I enjoyed his pontification.

And yeah, it was definitely just that the computer seemed to lack any variance after a few rounds of play, and the fact there wasn't really any kind of Story/Campaign Mode didn't do it any favors in that regard.

in all the Kickstarter frenzy, I'm kind of surprised that I don't see some kind of FPW or FPW-inspired game getting crowdfunded right now. especially after that XBLA catastrophe that seemed to have no target audience whatsoever (did that even get released anywhere?)

FirePro is the best wrestling game franchise ever. I played the Saturn and Dreamcast versions of this to death. Having to use a printed out translation of the menu system made it even better. My friends and I would spend hours on end creating wrestlers and then doing any conceivable type of match. I takes weeks to get your timing to a point where it is enjoyable to play, but it was well worth it.

Corn, I wish you could have played this in its multiplayer glory.

This game brought out almost as much competetiveness as Virtua Tennis.
I love the weird, half-assed MMA implementation in Fire Pro. Rampage Jackson has a triple powerbomb move. Minoru Suzuki's movelist is like half rasslin', half MMA.
Well, Suzuki is more of a pro-wrestler than an MMA fighter now...

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