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Desc:'That chicken is unharmed!' Obviously before it was killed, battered and fried, of course.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Advertisements
Tags:fried chicken, The Woodwrights Shop, Roy Underhill
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Comment count is 8
after the video ends, all those fat people formed a mob and linched him for wasting fried chicken
Binro the Heretic
Roy, what are you doing fucking around with power tools?

It's like seeing Picasso dicking around with Illustrator.
Oscar Wildcat
-1 star coz I was really hoping Roy would just cut his finger off. I've been waiting to see that for years.

It must also be said; that is a nifty table saw.
They are neat, but from what I've been told you have to keep a second one around for any wood that might still be slightly green, because the false alarms cost you about 100 bucks each for the replacement cartridge.

Eventually, Roy Underhill will be the all Shaker-and-dovetail wooden cyborg.

badideasinaction - costs more than that. 80-100$ for the cartridge, and likely 0 to replace the blade. That said, I wish to hell I was using one of these when I put my left hand through the table saw.

Dread Pirate Roberts
They had that 'saw stop' device on a discovery show a few years ago that did super slow motion video. The inventor put his own hand in the thing to prove it worked. That's when I realized I would never anywhere near the amount of balls that he did.
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