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Desc:So either hell exists, or this girl has a demented imagination
Category:Religious, Nature & Places
Tags:Jesus, Xtians, what hell looks like, girl you ok?, lithium
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Comment count is 26
The Mothership
Watching secular TV actually hinders a Christians' loving relationship with god.

How about POETV?
POETV fucks that loving relationship in the ass so hard it cant walk for a week, then kicks it out with no breakfast, nor cab fare.

My loving relationship with POETV is that casual encounter that begins with "hey I have a puppy" and ends with shattered innocence.

It seems like the artist had a vision of selling a bunch of these fetishistic torture porn paintings to fundamentalists.

Wow, even silently complaining in your own heart gets you into Hell? Give me a LITTLE leeway, Jesus Christ!

I was agnostic, but hoping to regain my faith when I first started posting here. Now I'm completely atheist. It POETV's fault for introducing me to the likes of Thunderf00t and not Yahtzee.

I'm disappointed she shows such a lack of imagination. I mean, why would demons use a regular rope to strangle people? Couldn't they make some kind of magic fire rope made of burning snakes or something?
Its just like hell in older art.... I wonder where her visions came from.

Jesus is kind of a jerk.
So some bearded carpenter gave her some strong acid and took her into a fetish bar. Big whoop. Looks better than Dundee.
Love the painting of the dude and the imp having a bucket-chugging session. "Grab some buds - in HELL!"
I can understand why awful fundamentalist Christianity is the brand that took off in Korea. They already hate themselves, it makes sense that they would feel comfortable being constantly reminded about how worthless, sinful and doomed they are.
Live serious.
Only white people go to hell.
And when we get there, we take on the form of a slender human in their 20-30s.

John Holmes Motherfucker
So hell is literally eternal fire, except that it hurts more? Is god really that much of a bastard? If I'm burning forever and feeling the pain, are the extra large maggots really necessary? Are the maggots also feeling the fire?
No; for maggots, that is heaven.

God loves you and that's why he gives you maggots, you fuck

James Woods
Jesus Christ, indeed.
Jesus appears to be an apologist for the Worst Dad Ever.
Love your abuser or get abused
Jet Bin Fever
Jesus is a really shitty tour guide.
"Go forth and drive the dumbest of my slaves to give you money!"

Hell is the earth, there can be no greater punishment for daring to be a life form.
"Their private parts will be pierced every second."

PS this music does not sound like worship music to me. Where is the part in hell for the people who listened to secular music?
Can we talk for a moment about the lightly mustachioed mummy who does the preamble?
Binro the Heretic
Jesus just doesn't know where to take a woman for a first date.
Hell starts with a double hit of the Windows error noise.
We've all been there. Shame the video didn't start with the 'illegal operation' window.

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