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Desc:Just watch it...
Category:Accidents & Explosions, News & Politics
Tags:racism, idiocy, republicans, GOP, homophobes
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Comment count is 27
My physics instructor told me a weird thing. He said, "half of everyone who has ever lived in recorded history is alive RIGHT NOW." That's a scary trend.

Quite frankly, this world could use a little birth control. If that means dudes fucking each other in the ass, cool. That just means more pussy and lesbian porn for me.
In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have submitted this, but rather found a mirror because this is actually hosted by the actual guy. I'm sure in a day or so it will be removed as is usually the case with how these folks operate.

There are an estimated 90-100 billion dead.

Your teacher should stick to physics

http://www.prb.org/articles/2002/howmanypeoplehaveeverlivedone arth.aspx

On a somewhat related note, I have GOT to go to my cities' pride parade this year if only to see people like this.

Are there gay white supremacists?
there are gay republicans so yes


Back in the PoeRED days you'd see a lot of gay nazi sites. And gay furry nazi sites.

I've known some gay guys that hate black people, but none that were flat out white supremacist.

Also, SaveWhitePeople.com apparently isn't a joke.


American Standard
There are non-white white supremacists, too. A Native American kid who frequented white supremacist forums online shot up a school a while back. And I've read at least a couple of newspaper articles about mixed-race white supremacists.

Oscar Wildcat
Save white people: collect the whole set!
Jet Bin Fever
This made me really have a hankering for some sodomy. I don't know about you guys.
Once you top, you can't stop.

Up until he started shouting, I seriously didn't think this was real. So, like, would he be okay with gay people if they all promised to have a couple of white kids in between all the gay sex?
He looks like a Tim and Eric character!
0:18 He teleported into the scene! Sorcery!
Cherry Pop Culture
My white Australian father married my Thai step-mother over the weekend and now I have a 1/3 of my family located in Thailand.

5 shiny stars for xenophobia! :D
Mister Yuck
5 stars for the evil of miscegenation!

John Holmes Motherfucker
OMG I didn't know the drummer from Cheap Trick was a white supremacist!
Yeah, the only reason that sign is offensive because the word "sodomy" is used. Well spotted, lady.
Also, "galavanted".

And later in the final text scroll...

"The first choice children should make when it comes to dating and romantic relationships is not what sex they want to date, but rather who they want to date."

I.. um.. agree wholeheartedly. What a strange strawman agenda.

My home town!

Total shithole.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Why is this guy wasting his time standing around with a sign and not busy impregnating white women?

Obviously, that 's a question that needs no answer. This reminds me of someone on the internet who was angry about that "Big Bang Theory" guy coming out. "There is only one logical place to put a penis.", he wrote.

It's the logical place to put your penis. These anti-gay people always make heterosexuality sound so HOT!
Koda Maja
So, if he's worried about white people going extinct, does that mean he supports black and hispanic homosexuality?
John Holmes Motherfucker
The video has been taken down! Who will save white people now?
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