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Desc:No fucking way.
Category:Horror, Nature & Places
Tags:hidden camera, amazing grace, Awise From Your Gwave, no spoilers in tags
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Certainly creepy if true. What happened to the piss jug though? You'd think he' see that in the sink?
And that's why I'm never going to New York.
The jury seems split on whether or not this is bullshit. The guy is a professional actor, but unless this is just to get his face out there, nobody can come up with what it's supposed to promote.

Anyway, it's pretty old. I can't believe it wasn't here back in 2009.
Poe's law in full effect. Of course it's fake you loon.

Sorry I pissed in your corn flakes Ms. Manners, I didn't know they were yours.

My point was that as a viral video, it's stupid, since it accomplishes nothing.

It's massively fake, BUT it's based on a true story on something that was recently in the news in Japan. Some woman indeed found out that some guy was living in the crawlspace in her closet or something in the same way, she set up cameras to record while she was gone.
Jet Bin Fever
This won't help your shitty acting career, guy.
Well, watching it all the way through... like the part where he comes out to get milk and she runs away... yeaahhh... this is just a shitty attempt at a viral video for his shitty acting career.

American Standard
Definitely fake. But still mildly entertaining. 3 for effort.
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