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Desc:...a reminder that Marvel doesn't always know best.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Stunts
Tags:Howard the Duck, ABOMINATION, squirrel girl, hypno hustler, ruby tuesday
Submitted:Hegemony Cricket
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Comment count is 11
Dear Marvel,

Thank you for being a fan of such shows as Archer, Sealab 2021, and Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Now stop trying to copy their success several years too late in the most ham-fisted manner conceivable.


The internet.

P.S. Good job on realizing how lame a lot of your characters are, but making fun of Aquaman is still far funnier.
Rodents of Unusual Size
If they wanted to do something witty but still Marvel they should adapt Alias. That comic was so underrated.

A level of retarded knowable only as the Marvel Way.
Jet Bin Fever
Well that was depressing.
This is actually a really solid idea. It's a shame they couldn't have given the concept to someone who knows what comedy is.
It's interesting, because stuff like this shows exactly why Marvel is kicking DC's ass right now -- they have a sense of humor about themselves that makes them seem much more friendly to mainstream audiences.

It's just a shame that sense of humor isn't really all that funny most of the time.

DC's animation has consistently kicked Marvels' cartoons ass, especially ones involving Dini and/or Timm.

The more recent Batman cartoon, The Brave & The Bold wasn't my cup of tea, but it had loads of humor and didn't take itself seriously at all.

If Marvel really wanted to corner the market on funny superhero cartoons, they'd commission a Nextwave animated series and let the original writers script it. It would be amazing, and in a good way, not in a "Spider-Man reboot" way.

oh, yeah, DC's animation is several hundred cuts above, I was speaking almost entirely from a moneymaking sense.

Five for evil and for Marvel realizing they own a lot of really stupid copyright.
They had Hypno Hustler AND Mr. Fish and this is the best they could come up with?

There's just no excuse for that.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Howard the Duck is the king of the Poochies.
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