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Desc:When I wasn't looking, Pinball got awesome
Category:Science & Technology, Sports
Tags:AC/DC, pinball, stern
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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Comment count is 25
The Townleybomb
Shit like this is what makes me wish I had an MBa.
Hugo Gorilla
Wow. Who knew Stern was still making pinball machines? Who knew that Stern, well, still existed?
I want one.
Billy the Poet
The decline of real pinball is a shame upon our nation. These things are miracles.
John Holmes Motherfucker
I think that depends on what you mean by "decline". If you look at some of the "behind the scenes", you can see they're using computers to design the machines these days, they're proud of it, and they're using it to step up they're games. From the videos, it looks like the most advanced pinball games ever are being rolled out now. This video opened my eyes. I'm going to go hunt some of these fucking machines down.

Rock band themed pinball machines are some of the hardest to get a hold of, be prepared to pay a lot. Fans want them and so do pinball collectors.

Pinball is actually on a rise this year. Up until 2011, Stern was the only major manufacturer, publisher and developer. From 2008-ish to 2010 it was looking like they were going to fold with most of the long time all-star designers out of work.

Long story kind of short, there is a new major publisher/manufacturer/developer in New Jersey (Jersey Jack) that is threatening Stern with some crazy new tech (creating a Wizard of Oz game...yes...that Wizard of Oz...with Dorothy...don't ask). Stern got some backers and rehired a bunch of the old all-stars back. There is also a handful of competing companies in Europe and at least three garage/indie manufacturers in the states (one creating Predator, which is the same game that was in the video I posted).

THIS game is as bad ass as the video makes it out to be. It's designed by one of the greatest 80's into 90's era designers (Steve Ritchie). This guy did High Speed, Terminator 2, F-14, Getaway, Spider-Man, that one pinball you thought that was cool but you don't remember the name of it, etc.

My beard...it is long.

Pinball is going through a major renaissance right now. Thanks to not only Jersey Jack but other boutique pinball developers like Dutch Pinball, Heighway, Whiz-Bang and Spooky Pinball, but the advent of 3d printing pinball is actually becoming profitable again. That, and people are just now realizing that they actually really like pinball. I actually got to do some art for two games that are hopefully going to come out soon. I'm very excited.

That said, as an arcade operator on a very slim budget, pinball isn't one of those things i can really do right now due to the upfront cost of even early 90's pinballs being pretty high for one in decent used condition.

John Holmes Motherfucker
Looks like they're not taking this video game thing lying down.
no Bon Scott?!?!
John Holmes Motherfucker
It would have been cool if they'd put an image of Bon down in the "underworld" play area.

But I believe there's a pretty fair selection of Bon Scott era tunes available on the juke box.

Why does none of the "Best of AC/DC" stuff ever have It's A Long Way to the Top?
Seriously. What the fuck. It even has an awesome bagpipe solo.

Pinball has been like this for decades.
Mother Lumper
Gaudy and overloaded with gimmicks.

John Holmes Motherfucker
It may be overloaded with gimmicks, if the crap gets in the way of the play, but seriously, does anyone think pinball shouldn't be gaudy?

Sometimes the show "American Pickers" will show a pinball machine, but they are usually interested in old models that are high value. I've noticed the old machines are rudimentary in design, less frills and don't have so much clutter on the play field. I don't want to play those. I love the tables that are simply loaded with obstacles, goals and ramps. This table looks like a blast to play.

In the 1980s computer chips weren't very powerful so they couldn't put in too many rules. If you watched the game and your score you could learn what to do to score big. In the 1990s pinball started having digitized voice that would say things like, "Hit the ramps for multi-ball!" and you could score big. These days pinball is so complex all you can do is keep the game alive and hope you hit the right thing by accident.

As far as the above game, I love the toys (that's what they call the stuff like the bell and the train) and especially the performing band.

Killer Joe
John Holmes Motherfucker
I just discovered a bunch of amazing full length AC/DC concert videos on youtube. I may submit one because they're just too ___ for 73Q.
Do it!

To those of you living in/near Toronto, the pinball cafe has an AC/DC machine to play. Not this one but very similar, but it does have a cannon that that fires a ball.

Pinball is awesome, we play at my office every Friday.
*Butthead voice* this is the coolest pinball game that has ever existed
They got the worst speaker to introduce a game about a band with the best singer.

What killed pinball is the decline of arcades, the INSANE maintenance required compared to your average cabinet, and an impossible middle ground between cheap shit that loses your ball (side lanes, shooting it out right between the flippers) and a decent player going for hours on the same play.
The voice is the designer, who made the most masculine pinballs ever.

...but yeah, you hit the nail on the head. The decline of places to play + high maintenance/ops not wanting to fix shit every day so the game plays correctly -- completely fucked it up. There are a ton of new games that have almost no exposure to the general public.

...design wise, your average person kind of sucks at the game. What comes off cheap tends to be more high risk situations vs. the playfields lower risk situations/shots. It's all about risk vs. reward.

Beard...fuck...this beard.

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