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Desc:Oh god, this book is awful. NSFW for racist content.
Category:Horror, Stunts
Tags:racism, Everything is Terrible, Operation Headdesk Infinity, Save the Pearls, horrible books
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Comment count is 15
Sudan no1
9:20, good god

-1 for yammering.
Dread Pirate Roberts
I still get a kick out of 'mate rate of 15%'.

Skip to 16:20 to get to that part.
Oh man. "Cottons". Wow.

On the one hand, Mark's comments throughout this distract somewhat from how unbelievably bad this book is. On the other hand, thank goodness.
The shitty thing is, this is going to sell enough copies out of morbid curiosity to make the author some cash. Not Fifty shades of Grey cash, but still.
There's plenty of places online to download it without paying. That's how I got my copy, as I refuse to pay for something this shitty just for shits and giggles.

Also I should point out that the book gets so much worse after the point where the preview stops. SO MUCH WORSE.

I watched the whole video... That is a book written exclusively for white supremacists.
How can albinos go extinct?! This whole thing doesn't make any goddamn sense.
I was wondering the same thing. I imagine the author's logic was along the lines of "they were too white to live" or "the skin coating didn't take to those pigmentless albinos"

Gov programs to eliminate carriers of albinism.

AWSUM SPOILER: female tardtagonist's love interest is a carrier. That's right, he's such a not-black black man (and then later, not-human) that he shits out super-white babies.

Jet Bin Fever
hahaha! Oh thank you.

Too awful to sit through.

All these stars are for how adorable this guy is. :3
fat, 3 stars

Xenagama Warrior Princess
Holy shit. This is the first time I have ever heard about this book and the implications of racism is far worse than if it was completely written as hyperbole.
This reminds me, Bavaria's copyright of Mein Kampf expires in 2015. This book will have some serious competition in America when that happens.
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