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Desc:watch and learn
Category:Crime, Stunts
Tags:douche, nypd, better arrests
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The Mothership
Dude, dude dude. He gave you multiple chances to stop; hell when you tried to drive off the first time he was downright patient! But you had to go ahead and make a choice.

5 stars for douchery above and beyond the call of duty.
Above and beyond the call of douchery.

Don't do what Donny Don't does.
Binro the Heretic
Privileged kid. Slap on the wrists, if that.

Cop will be lucky if he doesn't get fired or at least reprimanded.
Haha you think cops get in trouble for things.

Binro the Heretic
When they fuck with rich white people, you bet they do.

Cop at the gym was booted off the force for kicking a guy.

So there's one!

Down here in the south, if they're rich and white, you better check what their last name is before you fuck with them.

shame the cop with the car on his foot didn't have the presence of mind to strike the panel and not the window
Those shoes are the real crime
Dear Grimace look alike dude bro:

You're driving a Ferrari, I bet you have more than a few hundred dollars in your account. Your car wasn't getting towed, why not just pay the ticket instead of fighting the cop? I know he stepped out in front of you, but you were getting a ticket already, and I doubt your parents would be that upset to pay that ticket for you. Now that you're back from your night in the cell with the backed up toilet, just remember: even though you slum it with those kids from Brooklyn every once in awhile, you have money. If you don't want a ticket, just ride a bike next time, you'll be even cooler!
Commoner laws don't apply to him.

Father Avalanche
I like how he just lays there. Guy has about as much sense as Nathanial Mayweather. Damn Fancy Lads.
Syd Midnight
Man oh man do I hate them Fancy Lads.

His girlfriend is hot. I wonder if she's a model.

Is that really her? Spencer Pratt's sister?? No wonder she loves a douche.

blue vein steel
awesome cars are almost always driven by undeserving pieces of shit
That seems to be the pattern.

See, sometimes the cops are OK.
James Woods
Hell yeah. At least their working class unlike this party boy price of shit.

James Woods
They're^ damn it...

They still suck.

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