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Desc:One of them is running with a baby in her arms. Up cement steps.
Category:Humor, Stunts
Tags:DC, batman, cosplay, Comic Con, spectacle
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Comment count is 17
Maybe the baby will get dropped on its head and become a super-villain.
Harley Quinn would totally kidnap a baby, name him Joker JR, put him in serious danger for idiotic reasons, and then get bored with him and chuck him out a car window.
Well, there goes my Fanfiction.net piece.

Killer Joe
Get ready for my fanfiction.net piece!

Preview frame clearly shows a Catwoman mixed in.

The last thing said is "That was bad-ass!"

I don't normally judge the costume culture, but someone there needs a lesson on what constitutes "bad-ass".

Spaceman Africa
Godspeed, fat Joker.
Fat JokerS.

For Stabface

Rodents of Unusual Size
Maybe Penguin got some Joker fish for his restaurant.

Jet Bin Fever
So much stretched out spandex and grease paint.
So many foreshortened lives punctuated by conversations in which nothing must ever be new.

What's funny about this is they smell bad.
Well that was surreal.
Rodents of Unusual Size
All my stars to the Harley with the hugely oversized mallet.

What's the deal with obsessive nerds/nerdettes and Joker/Harley Quinn anyways - I mean, I have some ideas but still...
Nyms Lives!
What, no love for the Harley slowly pulling herself up the stairs at the end? Best part!
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