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Desc:The other one was lacking of Golden Acid Shower and pool side celebration
Category:Video Games, Nature & Places
Tags:fatality, primal rage, Popeye Punch
Submitted:Shoebox Joe
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Comment count is 23
I'm not sure I get how the gorilla who puked anti-grav vomit then used Pac-Man physics to appear on the other side of the screen so he could eat said vomit could be declared as the "winner."
Sometimes, its all about the little things.

Ape logic.

Xenagama Warrior Princess
He's frugal about his apocalyptic rations.

Shoebox Joe
"Looks like we might be due for a big ol storm of chaos!"

B. Weed
I was terrible at fighting games but I liked this one. Even screwing up was fun.
Caminante Nocturno
I won so many matches because I was the only person who knew how to eat the worshipers.
Esperma de Mutante
Oh shit, 2:12. This monkey's gone to heaven.
If man is 5, if man is 5, if man is 5,
Then the devil is 6, and the devil is 6, and if the the devil is 6,

Man, how many mid-90s fighting games totally tried to ripoff the "Fatality" gimmick Mortal Kombat gained so much popularity with?

This game actually did a better job than most of the other games that attempted it. That should give you an idea of how bad all those other games were.
This game looked great for the time, AND it had dinosaurs.
The latter gave reason enough for me and my friends to practically throw quarters at the arcade cabinet screen.
Ah, the 90s, when everybody who was anybody had an anthropomorphic dinosaur as their mascot.
If the saurian alone couldnt help your business/organization, giving it sunglasses or a skateboard sure as hell would.

No way. My elementary school's mascot was a Dinosaur that wore shades and skateboarded.

I guess that went out with the 90s though. They're the falcons now. Boooorrrriiiiiinnnnnggg.

Your school mascot was Denver the Dinosaur?


Actually, he was called the "Fernasaurus" (our school was Fern Ave Elementary). He had a fern coming out the top of his head.

No idea who the hell's idea that was. But this is early 90s Torrance, CA we're talking about.

Meatsack Jones
It was like playing a Ray Haryhausen movie.
I'm so glad this is available in 720p.
Sudan no1
The resolution on this ding-dong is SACK!

Me and my friends spent countless hours trying to do all these fatalities, I still havent seen some of these.
I guess the internet isnt ALL bad.
Big ups to Shoebox Joe.
Many of these are a pain to do.

fucking loved this game (til the arcades started bringing out the new version where talon sucked dick)
considering some of these fatalities, i should specify that talon does not suck an actual dino-dick or soemthing he just becomes useless to play as

Thanks for the clarification there. Weird fighting games were all the rage for a while. Weapon Lord was pretty tight, and I wish there were sequels to it. That Time Killers game was pretty fun, too, with the strange chopping off limbs and keep on fighting thing it had going on. "Oh yeah, my guy won, but he's got no freaking arms. Awesome?"

I feel like I went back in time. The nostalgia is awesome.
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