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misterbuns - 2012-08-11

needs an RT tag. This is a good reminder of what a propaganda device RT is. In order to avoid addressing the real newsworthy issue with this (namely how it relates to other anti-putin demonstrations and how three years in prison for tresspassing is hard to justify without looking like a totalitarian state ) the piece assumes this old fashioned (like by sixty or seventy years) angle of 'rock and roll is evil' and we get this litany of crazy things these girls have done. What we don't hear is their political message, which has been articulated and documented elsewhere. No mention of Putin. No mention of the Church's collusion with the Judicial system.

Since our newscycle is so broken RT can bring a lot of neat things to light, but spots like this remind me why its always important to use them as a jumping off point to real research.

Riskbreaker - 2012-08-11

Also, they feature Alex Jones from time to time.

baleen - 2012-08-12

RT is a complete joke run by eccentric, anti-intellectual oil moguls and Putinistas. They are nothing more than neo-Cheka apparatchiks. I feel bad for ever liking some of the features I've seen on their channel.

Riskbreaker - 2012-08-12

Even the history channel has more credibility.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2012-08-12

They've actually done incredible coverage of the Occupy Movement and covered events the mainstream hasn't, especially the travesty that was the Republican National Convention in St. Paul a number of years ago.

They interview Alex Jones (and he is insane) but they also feature Julian Assange, Gerald Celente, Paul Krugman, and Peter Joseph, who, disagree with them as strongly as you like, do have important voices in the far left that are not heard enough.

Russia Today has a fair amount of propaganda bullshit to make the US look bad, but really, it isn't that hard for them to even try to do anymore.

SolRo - 2012-08-12

What part of this is propoganda you stupid shits?

the whole "spawn of satan" is what the orthodox church is calling them, and RT reports it as "the orthodox church and their supporters" calling them that. and since you already sound too stupid to probably know this, orthodox chuches world wide routinely call everything the spawn of satan.

Anaxagoras - 2012-08-12

Try reading misterbuns' post, you stupid shit. He does a good job of answering your question.

SolRo - 2012-08-12

Holy shit!

RT reported just the facts and didn't take time to make the protestors look like infalable superhumans?!?!

STALANIST PROPOGANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SolRo - 2012-08-12


How many of you idiots dont realize if they did the kissing cops stunt in the US they would have been tazered multiple times, beaten, and charged with assault and 20 other charges the police would find and be facing over 20 years in jail.

Anaxagoras - 2012-08-12

In other words, you didn't read his post.

Come on. It's not long. Don't be that lazy.

ItsAboutTime - 2012-08-12

five stars for the discussions here

misterbuns - 2012-08-13

Sup buddy, what they did was a direct protest against the possibly (definately) illegal fraudulent relection of Putin and the collusion of the Church in the hand of state.

You don't know any of this because none of this was part of the report you're defending. Which is my point.

What do you take away from the report? Rock'n'roll is craaaazzzy pussy riot pussy riot pussy riot.

Censoring the context (and content) of their demonstration and replacing it with noise like what madonna thinks of them: contorting a specific political message into a vague act of aimless anarchy is the very definition of propaganda.

misterbuns - 2012-08-13

er, meant as a reply to solro.

SolRo - 2012-08-13

They stated their protest was against putin.

Sorry if they didnt run your "every election in Russia is rigged" propoganda, supported by facts from no international vote monitoring group but such credible sources as you and baleen. And the shit the group pulled before doesn't exactly make them seem sane or rational, and what news organization (other than fox news) airs the statements of unstable people like they're fact?

misterbuns - 2012-08-13

ill just repeat myself

Censoring the context (and content) of their demonstration and replacing it with noise like what madonna thinks of them: contorting a specific political message into a vague act of aimless anarchy is the very definition of propaganda.

You know RT is a state funded operation, right? How do you know 'what shit the group pulled before' what are your sources? RT? Govoresh pa ruski? Do you know what propaganda means?

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