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Desc:A romantic tour of Newtown Creek, America's most polluted body of water.
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:pollution, oil, queens, greenpoint, newtown creek
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Comment count is 12
Shit creek week!
1:10, Stopheles' house.
That's exciting. I'm just on the opposite shore.

Glass of tap water, Stopheles?

Hey, now, I'm (2 or 3) MILES away from this travesty!

I've seen drunk Polish men swimming in this thing. I remember people waving at them and pleading for them to get out of the water. They have probably been reduced to sponge by E-coli by now.

And I lived a couple blocks from the metal bazooms water purification facility at 2:41.

I used to live about a half-mile south of this in Greenpoint, right on Meeker next to the BQE. I moved because of the diesel soot, but this creek (and my tap water) was always a worry too.

Ah, New York.
3:20 Dear god look at that water. It's like, a brownish green syrup.

The horror.
"Since there is no current in the creek, sludge has congealed into a 15-foot-thick (4.6 m) layer of 'black mayonnaise' on the creek bed."
Exxon-Mobil has leaked over 17,000,000 gallons of oil into the creek, but are denying responsibility. So far they claim to have cleaned a few million gallons, but nobody really knows how much is actually in there. Erin Brokovich took up the case but I don't think there's going to be a settlement until the area along the water is fully gentrified, then real lawsuits can kick in and the rich people can get their M apartments paid for by the city taxpayer.

Xenagama Warrior Princess
At first without looking at the description, I thought it was the St. John's river.
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