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Desc:Fischer's constant stream of BS is a feature, not a defect.
Category:Religious, News & Politics
Tags:rape, oh god why, bryan fischer, Todd Akin, BECAUSE JESUS
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Binro the Heretic
I don't want him out. I want him IN THERE. I want him shooting his big mouth off in front of cameras and microphones.
Louis Armstrong
He can't quit. He is in. In like a rapist's penis during a legitimate rape.

I totally agree. Especially being a Missourian myself. Only good can come of this asshole representing the party in election.

Only good.


i want todd akin to watch this man's rape
Typical Right Wing pundits, blaming the victim!

Words were forcibly inserted into Todd Akin's mouth and his body's natural defense to prevent his mind being impregnated with false ideas was by expelling them. Todd Akin is the victim of a legitimate word rape.
Hey GOP, wanna change that abominable platform of yours?

Seems like a lots of static over what Willard is expected to do if elected....
How is anyone from the Republican Party even electable anymore? This is their base, for crying out loud. Even the wealthy donors to the Tax Cuts for the Rich club have got to be a tad worried about the nutsoids their party is taking into their ranks, if not electing, these days.
The Mothership
Gang....Tackling.....Todd Akin.


Oh, dude, you KNOW you wanted to say it. You know you did, why didn't you? It's your show, man!
"Now you talk about a, um... FORCIBLE... uh, situation..."

Better call Saul!
I love how the right-wing media is trying so hard to pretend that the majority of right-wing voters don't agree with this guy.
John Holmes Motherfucker
He is the legitimate candidate.
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