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Desc:...This conservative strawman personified would take the gold.
Category:General Station, Educational
Tags:obamacare, legitimate rape, those poor oppressed christians, supply-side economics
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For those who don't want to sit through 13 minutes of this shit, here's the CliffsNotes:

- Christianity is based on free will and free choice.

- There's some guy who voiced support for the PPACA and "works and makes money from the government healthcare system." Grumble grumble conflict of interest and something or whatever.

- The government has never competed. This sentence means something.

- Competition will eventually destroy a monopoly.

- There is no war on women.

- People have to buy their own caskets, therefore, they should also have to buy their own contraceptives.

- The PPACA raises the capital gains tax up to 45%.

- Socialism socialism liburls socialism bleep blop blop durr durf.

- Who cares what Todd Akin said? He's not a scientist, how is he supposed to know that rape victims don't have a secret unpregnancy switch?

- Hate crimes against lesbians don't happen because most dudes are OK with two women, "y'know, hangin' out with each other hrgrumbly hurmble"

- McDonald's asks people for charity donations, so the government doesn't need to help people. We should help people through charity, not the government. Also, fuck charity.

- People who work and collect Social Security checks at the same time are assholes who just want to take a job away from someone else.

- The anti-gun argument that a bunch of hillbilly dipshits wouldn't be able to stand toe-to-toe with the military is invalid because we just need more guns.

This guy is like a compass that always points in exactly the wrong direction.
"The PPACA raises the capital gains tax up to 45%"

I'm all for raising capital gains taxes simply by putting it under the category of "income, because it is, and corporations aren't people, either," but making that connection must have required a traumatic brain injury or a case and a half of Bud Light cut with bath salts.

John Holmes Motherfucker
Progressives are going to drive him to drink. Why do I get the feeling that's not a terribly long drive.
this is america, you are allowed to have important opinions on things you don't understand
Imagine having an ideology so utterly messed up that experiencing reality is a traumatic experience to the point of putting you in a fugue state which lasts decades.
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