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Desc:from 1968, the author of 'Clockwork Orange' shares his opinion
Category:Arts, Classic TV Clips
Tags:1960s, british, pop music, Anthony Burgess
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Comment count is 12
Wait, pop music was considered close to God back then in Britain?

Being an American, I've always heard it labeled the opposite...
His haircut just kept distracting me.
Half Hitler, halt Trump. A Hitlrump. As in, It'll romp your head.

Oscar Wildcat
Yes by God, let us sit down with our "marihuanas" and smoke and listen to our record turntables. It's been a long friggin' day, 'tony. I know you'll join me.
Yarbles! A bolshy pox on thee and thine.
"Life has become a single moment in eternity. Go with God."

That sounds pretty good, actually. That sounds like the sort of mindset some people meditate for decades to try to capture.

Also, since when do Shakespeare, Milton, and Beethoven have nothing to teach us?
Billy the Poet
I think Tony might be taking the piss a bit there.
1:48 to say "I am so fucking high and/or drunk right now and you don't even realize it."

He was best friends with Mervyn Peake, author of "Gormenghast". Apparently he never really recovered from Merv's death.

Monty Cantsin
I love this.
smoking pot, an admirable thing in itself.
John Holmes Motherfucker
After Pete Best and Murray the K, Anthony Burgess was considered the seventh Beatle.
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