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Desc:It's about time he decided to show up. 1:18 is my favorite part.
Category:Humor, Advertisements
Tags:Marvel, tupac, waldo, deadpool, Comic-Con
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Comment count is 13
Chuckleworthy but stars are for the dancing Deadpool, not just hired spokesperson jackass one.
i didn't like this.
Getthatguy! Getthatguy!
Hammer Falls
Thus begins the Marvel over-saturation. A movie's in development, as well.
Lobo was once popular, too.
I hope that the Deadpool movie isn't as horrible as the Wolverine Origins film was.

Lobo is STILL popular, ya bastich! Pencilneck dweebs like Deadpool can go frag themselves. The Main Man will never be uncool!

I liked this. Deadpool is awesome in Uncanny X-Force.
Jet Bin Fever
Was it your favorite because he did it for the lulz?
No, the idea of Deadpool being the guy who actually shot Tupac is fucking funny. In fact, the whole video is funny, maybe not the funniest shit ever but right on par with how funny Deadpool actually is. I don't get the hatred, Marvel is trying to cater to their fans and it's getting shit all over. Guess they should just make 16 more Spiderman movies.

James Woods
Deadpool's supposed to be witty and funny.

He quoted a Mac Dre song.
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