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Desc:Where do I sign up for the Holographic Teeth?
Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:holographic, teeth, Illuminati, reptilian, subliminalproof
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Comment count is 10
This is one of the less good Nine Inch Nails music videos I have seen...

Oscar Wildcat
I realize this woman is unattractive but 9:51 minutes of this is positively cruel.
Sudan no1
You'd think reptillians would use their holographic technology to create a better herd-influencing appearance.

Why reptiles? Why not bird people or space sharks?
From the description:

"Regardless of if you're a Demon person or a Reptilian person; this is one of them."

What if you're more of a dog person? Why leave out the rest of the pet-owning audience?
On the internet, no-one knows you're a reptilian.

Meanwhile elsewhere, an actual alien is once again accused of being a human hoax.

What a world!
Jet Bin Fever
How do these people explain the whole warmblooded coldblooded thing? Do these people sleep under heatlamps or something?
It was Kevin Costner the whole time!!!
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