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Desc:It's so bad.
Category:Classic Movies, Video Games
Tags:Nintendo, power glove, the wizard, fred savage, whole movie
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The Mothership
A young Mothership saw this in the theater. I loved it then, but man....this is really awful. This is Olsen Twins awful.
A young sosage begged his parents to take him to this and No Holds Barred. They held their ground and refused on both counts.

In all fairness, both are essentially 2 hour commercials.

A young Aelric wasn't allowed to see this, so once while visiting my grandmother, I pretended that I never heard of it before and played the 'excited little kid' card. I walked away from that not only having seen the movie, but also with new game by the time I went back home.

A young EvilHomer saw this opening night. He then bought Mario 3 a week later. Thanks to The Wizard, he knew exactly how to get the warp whistle.

To this day, he's never played levels 3-7. Actually kinda ruined most of the fun, now that I think about it.

Caminante Nocturno
This was one of the first movies a young Caminante was allowed to see in a theater without any adult supervision. It may just have been that my parents didn't want to sit through this particular movie, which is saying a lot considering the crap they sat through with me.

A young Hooker saw it at some point, but probably not in the theatre. He also didn't own Mario 3 or a power glove, but knew a lot of friends that did on both, so whatever.

A young Hooker distinctly remembers not getting to try the power glove much because, universally, every friend kept insisting that it was garbage and didn't work right at all.

John Holmes Motherfucker was not young when this movie premiered, but the the children he molested in the back of the theater were. they all found the magic whistle too :(

Jet Bin Fever
"A young Hooker..."

As young Doomlet I saw this in the theater, and then begged my parents for Super Mario 3. A week later my father won big at the track and bought it for my sister and myself. My father binge drank into a near coma and self destructed that weekend, but we didn't care, we had mother fucking Mario 3.

This girl remembers thinking "Why the fuck did they release a VR glove when they don't have any VR games to go with it?"

I also remember thinking the kid with the power glove reminded me a lot of a kid that molested me.

A young simon666 saw this movie in the theaters despite being a loyal Sega Master System owner and he enjoyed every minute of it.

5 for the State Trooper driving an Isuzu Trooper and the scene at the gas station where Jimmy plays Double Dragon reminding me how I beat that game on the Master System.

I didn't see this before I got my PI liscence or the underground railroad. I did see it finally when I was an adult and was glad I missed it. I did get two manuals with SMB3 though. I hated worlds three and seven.

Killer Joe
Oh man, this is the movie with the actor that's never seen a car before as the truck driver, all whipping a semi's (I think) steering wheel back and forth like he thought he saw some guy driving do once!
Also 35:40, you're welcome.
The Mothership
just noticed that he plays the 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' music with the buttons.

I use to think the truck he is driving is the same one from Duel

I thought this has "Ease on Down the Road" in it?
...and Jenny Lewis never smiled again
I want to have Jenny Lewis's babies.
Jet Bin Fever
Get in fucking line.


http://www.homefacts.com/offender-detail/NY20653/Jack-Vinson.h tml
He's so bad.

Probably thought it was okay as long as he used the power glove.

I enjoyed this but I was about 10 at the time ... it's so bad.
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