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Desc:Shame-based Dungeons and Dragons.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Video Games
Tags:games, D&D, nightmare, Everything is Terrible, EIT
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Comment count is 12
I have got the weirdest boner right now.

SFW Fetish tag?
I remember this game. Sorta fun to play once until you realize the fatal flaw that a losing player can grief the game and run the clock out to make sure nobody else wins either.
Jet Bin Fever
Nightmare is amazing, and if you see it anywhere you should buy it immediately. This is only a taste. We play it at the Fever household every Halloween.
Binro the Heretic
Our tape was eaten by the VCR, can you get a DVD copy anywhere?

Jet Bin Fever
Not to my knowledge. We have almost lost the tape at least 10 times now.

Great fun, and there's a ton of weird knockoffs of this on YouTube. They're mostly in French, but there is a wide cast of characters that berate you and decay as the minutes pass...
Adham Nu'man
It's made from monkey cum.

They keep these monkeys locked in a room all day, you know. And then they make them jack-off. And then they take the cum and then they boil it or something.
Get off my video comments, you Serbian bastard.

I could swear this guy played a Klingon in Star Trek.

Either that, or he is just doing his best Gowron
Syd Midnight
Jim Goad's Medieval Craps
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