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Desc:Sonic: 21 years of helping high functioning autistics discover their sexuality.
Category:Fashion, Video Games
Tags:autism, nerds, Sonic, cosplay, white people
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Comment count is 7
I've always had this fantasy in my head of like, something just like this going down, where there's a room just packed with diehard sonic the hedgehog fans, celebrating their unwavering love for their beloved cast of characters.

Then it clips to outside of the convention center, and off of the bus dashes this guy in full minecraft creeper cosplay, just inside a green box costume, no arms, nothing. On the inside of this costume are rows upon rows of C4 explosives.

He moves at a brisk, nonstop pace, directly through the crowds and the panels until he arrives at this room, at which point he wordlessly stops in the middle of the floor, and detonates.
Void 71
You should try fantasizing about creating a time machine and showing Yuji Naka this video after he finishes Phantasy Star 2.


Where are the completely-original-sonic-characters-please-do-not-steal costumes?
Fauxhawk! Self-effacing alpha nerd humor! Nerds in other countries being thin and passably attractive while still completely awful personalities!
Xenagama Warrior Princess
These are supposed to be the best of the cosplay contest? Seems like playing all of those Sonic games seemed to warp their sense of quality over the years.
Nice work Banjo and Kazooie cosplayers... You've latched onto an even more pathetic franchise and found a way to keep yourselves alienated at a public gathering that's as closely garnered to your insanely narrow interest set as you'll ever find. at least they have each other?
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